Autumn Sentinels

This is a new piece I have been working on.  Originally it reminded me of the city in decay.  Recently, however, I decided it brought to mind the woods in fall.  I started working in the outline of the center tree and liked the effect and the feel of it.  I added a second tree, but it was too similar proportionally to the first.  Today I eliminated it and brought it back slightly smaller and added an even smaller third tree.  They look like guardians of the wood to me.  I like how they are shadowy and fade into the wooded canopy.  Now I need to let it sit for a bit on my easel so I can determine what’s next…

3 thoughts on “Autumn Sentinels

  1. I love this, Kathleen. I like looking at these stages that occur while we are creating. A pause to allow us to take it all in and to know exactly the direction we want to go next. I will be anxious to see what you do with this.

    • Thanks Leslie! I feel like I’ve found a direction and now I don’t want to rush. I want to take my time to make sure I find the right path – through the woods?! Haha! This piece had been sitting for some time and it feels good to get it going again.

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