More Valentines!

Okay, so I continue to work on my valentines.  last night I worked on the palest one from my original posting.  I darkened the outside edge and penciled in some words.  Not sure if it is done or whether I will make the words permanent.  The next one is a collage from a collage.  I had done a collage in the past for a valentine show.  I took a picture of that collage and ripped it into pieces to create a new, smaller one. I plan to add words which say, “Songs from my heart”. All of these that I have been creating are on 5×5 clayboard.  See what you think…

5 thoughts on “More Valentines!

  1. aloha Artimagica – yeah. the first time i saw this post i really liked it. the top image in particular stuck in my skull. i began thinking about a Valentine’s Day card too (some years i make them, some years i dont). as a result of seeing what you were doing i’m now in the process of making one. ha. fun. …because my first step, was to go down to the beach and draw in the sand (Jan. 16, 2011). …the day after you posted this. thank you for the inspirational nudge and an image that holds it’s place over time. aloha.

    • Now you’ve got me thinking! I remember that my daughter made a heart in the sand with stones and another in the woods with sticks. I think I’ll look for those and see what I can do with them. Maybe something for her for valentines day. one good “nudge” deserves another!

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