Free Form

This is a collage a put together a few years ago.  I scanned a lot of different materials and then printed pictures of the scans.  I cut out shapes based on the textures of the pieces I scanned and then built free form collages.  Then I took pictures of the collages and printed those to build additional collages and add to the originals.  I have been thinking of revisiting this project.  I’d like to modify my technique by adding cutouts that would form shadows.  I have been intrigued lately by 3D art that casts interesting shadows.  The problem I have to solve is finding a sturdy mounting base for the shapes that I can easily cut.  The outlines are often quite detailed so it needs to be a material that I can easily cut.  Any suggestions?

Autumn Sentinel Redux

I continue to work my Autumn Sentinels.  Today I tried to give my three sentinels a bit more definition.  I don’t want them to be fully solid, but I want them to have enough substance to anchor the piece.  I have started to add some other more shadowy trees into the background.  I don’t want them to steal attention from the sentinels, and yet I can see from the picture that they need a bit more development.  Funny how it seems easier to see that from the photo.  I have posted the newest rendition along with the first.  The coloring of the two photos is a bit off, for whatever reason, but it allows one to better view how this piece is evolving.


River Genie

I felt like posting today.  I can’t really say why – just felt like it.  I didn’t actually do much art.  The one small piece I worked on is drying and waiting for more attention so I can’t post that yet.  So I decided that maybe I would post a picture I’ve taken.  Something creative.  As I quickly scanned through my photo’s this one caught my eye.  It’s a picture of my daughter that I took this summer.  I was fascinated with her shadow in the water at the river.  She began trying out different poses to see what effect we could get.  This one was my favorite.  The “river genie”  loves me!  I call it the river genie because to me it looks like a genie when it comes out of a bottle.  Mmmm, there goes my imagination again!

Artists Valentine Sale

Please join us for an Artist Valentine Sale and purchase a beautiful, handmade valentine for someone you love.  All sorts of artist-made valentines are offered for sale at prices ranging from $3 to $300. Light refreshments and live music make this event a delightful winter afternoon.

Attendance at the valentine party and sale is free and open to the public. All proceeds of the sale fund the grant program for artists. 

Artist Valentine Sale Locations and Dates:

Sunday January 30  – 2 to 5pm
246 Main Street
Groton, MA

Saturday February 6  12 to 3pm
Western Avenue Studios, Loading Dock
122 Western Avenue
Lowell, MA

Autumn Sentinels

This is a new piece I have been working on.  Originally it reminded me of the city in decay.  Recently, however, I decided it brought to mind the woods in fall.  I started working in the outline of the center tree and liked the effect and the feel of it.  I added a second tree, but it was too similar proportionally to the first.  Today I eliminated it and brought it back slightly smaller and added an even smaller third tree.  They look like guardians of the wood to me.  I like how they are shadowy and fade into the wooded canopy.  Now I need to let it sit for a bit on my easel so I can determine what’s next…

More Valentines!

Okay, so I continue to work on my valentines.  last night I worked on the palest one from my original posting.  I darkened the outside edge and penciled in some words.  Not sure if it is done or whether I will make the words permanent.  The next one is a collage from a collage.  I had done a collage in the past for a valentine show.  I took a picture of that collage and ripped it into pieces to create a new, smaller one. I plan to add words which say, “Songs from my heart”. All of these that I have been creating are on 5×5 clayboard.  See what you think…

Artists Valentine Fun

Well, I had expected to tell you about the Artists Valentine yesterday.  The problem is, I couldn’t get at my computer.  First my husband worked on it all day and then my daughter planted herself in front of it all night.  **sigh**  My husband is at my desk yet again on a conference call.  So I have resorted to using my lap top.  Not that it is a bad thing.  I am sitting in my study (my favorite room) looking out at the birds at the bird feeder in the garden.  This room gets wonderful sunshine in the afternoon which is comforting during these cold New England days.  So, to the matter at hand.

The Artists Valentine is a yearly event.  Artists create valentines that are offered for sale.  The proceeds from the sale are used to grant artists (who have participated) funds to further pursue their art.  This is my first year participating.  Below I have provided more detail from the Artist Valentine web site for those of you in my area (Boston) who might like to participate.


Fundraising for Artists, by Artists

Artists make Valentines and we offer them for sale.

Proceeds from the annual Valentine sales (which have been held every Feb. since 1996) are used to fund a juried grant competition for artists. Artists who have donated work to the Artist’s Valentine are eligible to apply for an unrestricted grant to further their art. The awards are made through the jurying of digital images (of their professional work).

Since 1996 on average $4000 per year has been awarded to visual artists of every discipline: painters, fiber artists, printmakers, installation artists — the gamut. Every penny of these grants has come from the sale of artist-made valentines. All labor is volunteer, and all valentines are donated.

Nationally known museum curators, gallerists, professors, working artists, and critics have served as jurors to the Artist’s Valentine, including Barbara Krakow, Nick Capasso, Pamela Clark Cochrane, Bernard Toale, Joseph Carroll, Ben Aronson, and Christina Lanzi. The 2011 Juror is Ricardo Baretto of the UrbanArts

For more information go to