Winter Ascent

I think I may declare this piece completed.  I have called it Winter Ascent because it brought memories of ice climbing in New Hampshire.  I get the feeling of being at Frankenstein Cliffs in the amphitheater.  The blue is the frozen ice waiting to be conquered and the white is the snow amid the flows that waits to fall on your head!  A belated Merry Christmas to all you out there and a Happy New Year filled with joy and laughter.

7 thoughts on “Winter Ascent

  1. Brrr. After the blizzard that just blew through here, this is most appropriate.

    I only enjoyed Frankenstein Cliff from the Webster Cliffs Trail on the opposite side of the road.

    Your art is deliciously icy.

    • Thanks! I wonder if the season is coloring my imagination. Perhaps in warmer weather I would see water and not ice. Who knows!?

  2. aloha artimagica – yeah, you nailed the feeling of this work, spot on. it is very evocative of ice, ice crystals, ice caves and cliffs. it’s a very intricate rich surface. it has the beauty of many traditional asian landscape paintings (imo) – yet is it’s own thing of beauty. way cool. …bwahahaha ice cool in fact. beautiful.

    merry Christmas and happy entrance to the new year – with all year long wishes of fun on you as well. aloha.

    (just a note: my key works have been on hiatus, i’m sensing they will get back into a painting venue soon tho and i have to say i am looking forward to it with glee)

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