Christmas Tree Sale

It’s Christmas time and I am busy just like all of you are.  I sat last night and doodled this small piece during a few spare moments.  When I left it last night it did not have any green.  I went to post it today and I suddenly thought that if I added green it would give it a Christmas touch.  As I looked at it I realized that all my little white triangles looked like Christmas trees!  I colored them in green and it reminded me of the myriad of Christmas tree lots you see right now.  It gave me some Christmas joy and it hope it does you too!

3 thoughts on “Christmas Tree Sale

  1. this is beautifully graphic. i especially like your ground and seeing the letters and printed material incorporated in the work. before reading the post, while just looking at the image – i felt Christmas and Tree in it it. i did not so much see the green triangles as trees tho, i saw the entire work as branches and snow and this Christmas time of year – the feeling i get looking into a Christmas tree. i like that. i like what happens when we sit back and just play, even if it’s just in an odd, brief moment of spare time. fun. and a great use of those “few spare moments”. cool. aloha

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