Rainy Amusement Park

This name comes from the fact that when I look at this piece I see a roller coaster in the upper right corner.  The colors seemed right for an amusement park and I also thought of melted ice cream cones.  This piece had many incarnations as I tried to achieve a finished result with which I could be happy.  There are layers of gesso, watercolor, and cray pas.  I like the line work and decided it was finally done.

It’s Monday and we are drawing close to Christmas.  Usually I have all my shopping done by Thanksgiving, and yet this year I am still not finished.  You would think that would be stressful, but I don’t feel stressed at all.  I’m confident it will get done.  I have been able to do some of the things that I decided at the beginning of the month were most important: getting a Christmas tree, making Biscochito’s, and attending the Messiah performance at my church.  Making Biscochito’s is a tradition that we picked up from my sister-in-law.  They are a state cookie of New Mexico, flavored with anise, and are wonderfully delicious.  I made 6 dozen and I’m SURE they will all get eaten!  Along the way we strung our outside lights, which was important to my daughter, and had fun at the garden center where we got our tree.  I hope that I can retain the peace and joy I feel right now right through the holiday.

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