Ascent Progresses

I’ve just been working on my new piece.  I am trying to slowly add detail and let this piece tell me what it wants to be.  Still not sure it has given me the answer, but I am happy with how we are progressing together!  I was curious to see the photo’s side by side so I could get a feel for how far I have come.  I feel like I did a lot today, but I’m not sure it’s evident from the photo’s.  Ah well, tomorrow is another day…


2 thoughts on “Ascent Progresses

  1. I am seeing an angelic figure, Kathleen. She is in a robe with right arm raised but bent at the elbow. I see her in a robe and her left arm is in the same position but holding a lit candle. So, I think “Ascent” is a great title for this. Have fun!

    • You’re right. I see the figure and especially the candle. I’ll keep working and see what happens. Thanks for stopping by!

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