Winter Branches

After very sporadically creating miniatures over the fall, I created four on Sunday.  It felt good to do them and I had a lot of fun.  That got me to thinking.  I think I had become burnt out doing them.  That’s why they trickled to just one here and there.  They became an obligation and weren’t fun.  Sunday they were FUN again!  I think I just needed a breather and I think I have to just do them WHEN it’s fun.  It’s it not fun it’s not worth doing.  Anyway, todays card started with gesso on a postcard.  While it was still wet I sprinkled a bit of water onto it and applied some india ink.  Then I tiled the card this way and that to create a pattern.  As I worked some of the gesso got incorporated into the ink.  It looked rather pretty to me.  I added just a touch of gold glitter (I am glitter crazy lately – must be the season).  When I sat down to post this it made me think of gnarled branches in winter.  What do you see?

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