Ascent to the Clouds

I thought I would post one of my works in progress for something different.  This piece has undergone so many transitions I can’t keep count.  I’ve never been satisfied so I keep recreating it.  That’s a benefit of collage – you don’t have to be done.  Just add another layer or some more paint!  To be brief about how I got to this state, it has many layers of pictures and tracing paper.  Most recently I added some rectangular grids and then gessoed the entire surface.  While the gesso was still wet I worked over the surface with a crumpled up plastic bag.  I pressed and turned to create a rather stippled surface.  It sat like that for quite a long time.  Sunday I grabbed some blue watercolor and did broad washes of color over the surface.  I liked how the color settled into the gessoed texture.  Today, I have been working to delineate some of the shapes a little so it’s not so amorphous.  In the process I found a figure in the lower left.  He looks rather like a Roman to me and I’m seeing his back somewhat in profile.  Is he ascending into the clouds?  Ascending Mount Olympus?  He hasn’t told me yet.  Looks like there is mist and maybe waterfalls.  I’ll keep you posted as I find out more!

2 thoughts on “Ascent to the Clouds

    • I like the blue too. I have thought of adding other colors, but right now I think I may just try different shades of blue first. I think this may be the final incarnation so I’m taking it slow!

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