Dazzling Sunrise

A little more glitz for the hiloday season.  I started by using the card I used to smoosh paint around on Starry Starry Night.  The blue/silver paint covered a third of the card.  I added some iridescent bronze and gold to the remaining area and again swirled and pressed to leave lovely texture and color.  Once it dried I turned the card this way and that to decide what orientation was best.  The way I have it oriented made it look like a landscape to me.  I thought of sunrise as there is a splotch of gold on the “horizon” line.  I love the glow and the texture – sort of like it is a close up of the textured ground.  And the newly risen sun is touching everything with gold.  Hope you have a dazzling day!

4 thoughts on “Dazzling Sunrise

  1. Gorgeous!!! Perfectly beautiful. Loved it. Exquisite.

    You should see some of the gorgeous sunsets we see out of our 6th floor windows. (Never get up early enough to see sunrises, plus our apartment faces the wrong way.)

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