Art From Detritus

Vernita Nemec put together a wonderful and creative show for Art From Detritus.  The work was interesting, sometimes whimsical, and always imaginative.  I met so many lovely people at the opening and it was well attended.  At times it was so crowded that it was challenging to move around and see the art.  I have attached a few pictures below.  Enjoy!

Myself with my piece Angst Unleashed

Crowd shot with a chair sculpture made entirely from plastic cutlery.

A sculpture I loved made from dryer lint and a dryer sheet!

A “crowd” shot.

One thought on “Art From Detritus

  1. way cool. i like seeing the Angst Unleashed work in this context. it works and feels the essence of the title. it stands our because all around it has a different feel to the setting – which is partly why i think framing can be so important. …and your image, …with the work… is a great counter for comparison… congratulations, it looks like a fun show to be in – fun, fun. aloha.

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