Ancient Key

I carved a new stamp of keys to use on a piece I have in progress.  I wanted to try it out so I inked my roller and printed a copy on the back of a postcard.  It looked great.  I had also carved a design on the reverse side and I tried that out too on a watercolor postcard.  I like it as well and think that will go into my new piece too.  Then I printed the keys over the abstract design and added some watercolor to eliminate the white.  Of course, the stamping wasn’t great on the watercolor surface.  Still, I liked the effect because it looked worn or somewhat like a fresco and I like that kind of effect.

3 thoughts on “Ancient Key

  1. This does look very worn. I bought some supplies to stamp with eons ago and then never did it. Maybe I can find time over Holiday break time. I like this very muchand can envision it as a neat addition to a larger piece, also.

    • Thanks. I can wait to try it out on my piece, It’s a large canvas and this will provide some background interest. I’l post it when I get further along.

  2. cool. i like this take on key(s). way fun Kathleen. i also like the idea that it can work as is – as well as in the context of a larger work.

    as you know i like keys. i too am working on some – key – things. mostly right now i’m experimenting in a sketchbook. altho i have a reasonable idea now of how the key bits will start coming together in some small mixed media works that are in progress.

    i look forward to how your key works will evolve. way fun.

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