Ancient Key

I carved a new stamp of keys to use on a piece I have in progress.  I wanted to try it out so I inked my roller and printed a copy on the back of a postcard.  It looked great.  I had also carved a design on the reverse side and I tried that out too on a watercolor postcard.  I like it as well and think that will go into my new piece too.  Then I printed the keys over the abstract design and added some watercolor to eliminate the white.  Of course, the stamping wasn’t great on the watercolor surface.  Still, I liked the effect because it looked worn or somewhat like a fresco and I like that kind of effect.

One Day Holiday Art Sale

This Saturday, November 6th, I will be having a one day art sale in Southborough, MA.   I know some of you have lingered over various pieces at other venues.  I encourage you to come since prices are negotiable.  Many of the pieces being offered are small works and perfect for holiday gift giving.  This sale is part of the Southborough Holiday Shop taking place at the Southborough Arts Center, where there will be other wonderful items for sale.  Below is the show card with further details and directions.  I hope to see you there!