Buckley Map

I had a shirt that I no longer wore.  It had a wonderful map print with words and letters and images.  I decided to use it for my art.  I cut it up but found the material hard to work with.  So the other day I scanned it.  I printed a copy of one of my scans to the black and white printer by a mistake.  I decided to use it today.  I took a portion and glued it to my base.  Then I cut other portions and overlaid them over the first.  I finished by painting it in watercolor.  I used some of the colors of the original but added others that felt right.  I named it a Buckley Map for the large “B” and because my maiden name was Buckley.  The colors are muted having been painted over a black and white copy.  But that suits and old map, don’t you think?

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