Lacy Frost

This new miniature just sort of evolved. I used black acrylic to form a background over which I glued white rice paper.  Once it had dried I used green ink over the rice paper to lighten the piece.  I finished it by dabbing a paper towel lightly into white ink and then pressing it onto the surface.  The texture of the paper towel came through and the result was a very lacy design.  It made me think of maybe a first frost forming at night over some green leaves not yet turned.  As always – a fertile imagination!


2 thoughts on “Lacy Frost

  1. Or a broken cobweb! This is a cool effect. We have printed into partially dried watercolor with those paper towels, also. This painting suggests “mystery” to me. Love to take in how you create these, Kathleen.

    • I like the cobweb idea! I’ve used the paper towel with all sorts of media and have even included it in my collage before. A very useful tool. I wander my way into many of these miniatures and if I don’t document how I get there quickly I sometimes have a hard time remembering all the steps!

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