Tropical Wash

Sure, Creative Every Day has moved from Water to Earth for October’s theme, but I am still stuck working with water.  I moved from ink to markers for this piece.  I used some of my daughters old markers that are washable.  I wet my surface and began to draw.  The lines blurred and ran beautifully.  I was called away to deal with the real world and when I returned it had dried.  I wet it again and continued adding colors, letting them blend and bleed.  I finished off with a frame of color around the side and let it dry.  To give it a bit more detail I took the markers and outlined some of the shapes.  Once done, it felt very tropical to me.  Coral?  Seaweed?  Any ideas?

4 thoughts on “Tropical Wash

      • What a great idea. That idea brought to mind the electricity show they do at the Science Museum in Boston. Cool!

  1. i thought i’d have to think about this one for a while. …that’s when i let go and suddenly found i was thinking of those…. what were they called… are they called… those… orbs – yeah, those orbs with the static electricity lightning zapping and zipping and zizzling in them. yeah. that’s what this feels like to me.

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