Look Deep Into My Eyes

Okay, maybe “eye” would be more accurate.  I have a close friend, Becky Gibbs, who does a lot of beautiful and creative works using ink.  I decided to play with some ink too.  I took a blank, watercolor postcard and drenched it with water.  I then placed a drop of black, india ink on the water and it exploded in the most wonderful fashion.  I let it dry and contemplated what to do next.  Given my penchant for black and white I didn’t really want to add any color.  Instead I added some more water to the surface and placed a dot of white ink onto it.  It didn’t do all that much.  Perhaps there was not enough water.  However, the end result looks uncannily like an eye to me.  Big brother is watching!

6 thoughts on “Look Deep Into My Eyes

  1. yeah. may be a panda eye. fun.

    it’s fun to watch that explosion happen. it’s fun to do that kind of thing with watercolor too. some colors are very aggressive and explode outward in water (and other paint too) and others are very non-aggressive. dropping an aggressive into a non-aggressive causes an explosion. the other way around does not but may cause an implosion – altho it might not have much room to go so it’s less impressive… . . .it sounds like the white ink and black ink you’re using may have similar properties. cool.

    • You’re right. Some of the inks really were agressive and some were not. I wondered if it was the type of just the amount of water I provided them to “play” in. The black, india ink is very agressive and I like that a lot. Of course, I can’t use black for every piece! Though I do like it.

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