Gaps in Reality

I like tracing my hands so I tried a foot for a change….BORING!!!  Oh well.  So then I decided to try tracing some other items.  I have a box of “stuff” that I went to for inspiration.  I liked the idea of keys.  They have an interesting shape and so many connotations.  I also found an old pin shaped like a bug.  Somehow that seemed appropriate over the page below which is from an old bible that I got at a used book store.  I painted around the various elements and the sharpie outline made the shapes really pop.  I get the feeling of a crime scene where something is traced and removed.  Or of a science fiction movie where something disintegrates but leaves a shadow where it has been.  Okay, once again my active imagination is running wild. 

5 thoughts on “Gaps in Reality

  1. bwahahahaha. yeah. fun. i like doing the same thing. i’ve found that if i can make the shape become iconic or symbolic and give it some kind of reference point – words or other things that relate some how, i like the way it pulls together as a work. if i can connect everything up in the composition – or make it seem that way, then viewer’s start adding their own meanings or start exploring their own departure points.

    yes again, keys are an ideal object because they have so many ways they can be used as symbol. …after all… we are symbol makers. i did a small series of key ATCs may be… a year or so ago (??). i have a jar of old keys – some of which i found as a child in old car dumping grounds. i cant remember now if i posted one on this current blog or if they were in my other blog. …may be i’ll post one or two again…??

    i like the way you’re playing with the relationships of the shape/negative space in this. cool.

    f00t. hmmm… i wonder… steps to the key of life. . .

    • Haha! I like your “foot” interpretation. Thanks for clearing that up for me! As for keys – yeah they are so interesting. A whole jar full…. nice. Sounds like a project lying in wait for when the inclination or time is right. I’m going to have to go look and see if you post any key ATC’s. I’d love to check them out. Of course, ATC’s are small – so the keys must be too! I have tried to get into the whole ATC thing but I have such trouble working that small. Maybe I should just work bigger and then take a “piece” of something I create. The funny thing is – when I started out a few years back I always worked small. Now I find it a challenge. How things change….

      • yeah. an entire jar of keys – it’s a small jar tho. . . and yes, i’ve considered using some in work. however i’ve found them inspirational too. so the ways i use them… may have to take that value to me into account as well. okay, i’ll post some of the ATCs i did with key imagery. you’ll see how it relates to what you’ve done easily i think. and yes, again ATCs are small but then keys can be small too – so they can actually be full size on an ATC.

        yes, i remember finding work on ATCs had to be… worked at, until i was comfortable with what i could do in that space. once i got to that point, it became more and more fun.

        there are lots of ways to get to an ATC size. the way you are suggesting can work. i often start with larger sheets of paper and create background – then cut that into ATC sizes. now that you know that, you’ll probably be able to spot it in some of my ATCs. i also do backgrounds in similar ways on single ATC sizes too tho.

        …there was a time when i did work on large canvases. storage eventually became an issue – especially in hawaii where space is expensive – so small became more and more attractive as an option. …altho i do still intend to some day get back into larger things.

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