Art From Detritus

I received wonderful news Friday.  My piece, Angst Unleashed, was juried into a NYC art show, Art From Detritus.  The show, curated by Vernita Nemec, will be on display from November 16th until December 4th at the Viridian Artists Gallery.  The opening is Saturday, November 20th, from 4-7 pm.  An excerpt from the press release, below, describes this interesting exhibit.  I’m thrilled to be a part of this exhibit and would love to see you there!

Chelsea: Viridian Artists is pleased to present “Art from Detritus: Recycling with Imagination”. Curated by Vernita Nemec, the exhibition opens November 16 and extends through December 4, 2010 with the art of more than 50 artists. There will be an artist’s reception Saturday November 20, 4-7PM.

2010 marks the 16th Anniversary of “Art from Detritus: Recycling with Imagination” an exhibit filled with the most impressive, innovative and inspiring art made from trash. Unlike many exhibitions about recycling, the art in this exhibit is actually made from fragments of discarded and found materials that have been creatively transformed. Not only do these artists recycle, but they are also upcycling (a process of converting waste materials or useless products into new materials or products of better quality or a higher environmental value) by using trash as their medium of choice for their artmaking.

Viridian Artists Inc.  530 W. 25th Street, #407, NY New York 10001

Tropical Fish

I decided to play with tape tonight.  I hadn’t done that for a while.  I first laid down some strips of blue masking tape.  Over this I applied some sheer, wide, green tape.  I drew on those layers with marker and then added some wide, dark blue tape.  I took some scotch tape and pressed it onto some marker I had drawn on a piece of paper.  I picked up color and some paper and taped that down.  It was rather bright so I covered that wide the green tape.  Then I did some more lifting from the paper but with a lighter touch.  It didn’t seem like much until I turned it upside down.  That’s when the tropical fish appeared to me.  It seemed like it was hiding among some wide sheets of seaweed.  Fun with tape!

Buckley Map

I had a shirt that I no longer wore.  It had a wonderful map print with words and letters and images.  I decided to use it for my art.  I cut it up but found the material hard to work with.  So the other day I scanned it.  I printed a copy of one of my scans to the black and white printer by a mistake.  I decided to use it today.  I took a portion and glued it to my base.  Then I cut other portions and overlaid them over the first.  I finished by painting it in watercolor.  I used some of the colors of the original but added others that felt right.  I named it a Buckley Map for the large “B” and because my maiden name was Buckley.  The colors are muted having been painted over a black and white copy.  But that suits and old map, don’t you think?

Lacy Frost

This new miniature just sort of evolved. I used black acrylic to form a background over which I glued white rice paper.  Once it had dried I used green ink over the rice paper to lighten the piece.  I finished it by dabbing a paper towel lightly into white ink and then pressing it onto the surface.  The texture of the paper towel came through and the result was a very lacy design.  It made me think of maybe a first frost forming at night over some green leaves not yet turned.  As always – a fertile imagination!


Tropical Wash

Sure, Creative Every Day has moved from Water to Earth for October’s theme, but I am still stuck working with water.  I moved from ink to markers for this piece.  I used some of my daughters old markers that are washable.  I wet my surface and began to draw.  The lines blurred and ran beautifully.  I was called away to deal with the real world and when I returned it had dried.  I wet it again and continued adding colors, letting them blend and bleed.  I finished off with a frame of color around the side and let it dry.  To give it a bit more detail I took the markers and outlined some of the shapes.  Once done, it felt very tropical to me.  Coral?  Seaweed?  Any ideas?

Trees on Water

This is another ink and water experiment and I’ll dedicate it to Becky.  I put a wash of water on a blank, watercolor postcard and then put some drops of colored ink down.  They spread somewhat but I wasn’t impressed with the results.  So I put another wash of water over the surface blurring the existing color.  Then I added some india ink as well as some blue ink.  These had a more improved effect with lovely bleed lines and interesting shapes.  The finished result reminds me of trees and sky reflected in water.  Have a great evening.


Look Deep Into My Eyes

Okay, maybe “eye” would be more accurate.  I have a close friend, Becky Gibbs, who does a lot of beautiful and creative works using ink.  I decided to play with some ink too.  I took a blank, watercolor postcard and drenched it with water.  I then placed a drop of black, india ink on the water and it exploded in the most wonderful fashion.  I let it dry and contemplated what to do next.  Given my penchant for black and white I didn’t really want to add any color.  Instead I added some more water to the surface and placed a dot of white ink onto it.  It didn’t do all that much.  Perhaps there was not enough water.  However, the end result looks uncannily like an eye to me.  Big brother is watching!

Gaps in Reality

I like tracing my hands so I tried a foot for a change….BORING!!!  Oh well.  So then I decided to try tracing some other items.  I have a box of “stuff” that I went to for inspiration.  I liked the idea of keys.  They have an interesting shape and so many connotations.  I also found an old pin shaped like a bug.  Somehow that seemed appropriate over the page below which is from an old bible that I got at a used book store.  I painted around the various elements and the sharpie outline made the shapes really pop.  I get the feeling of a crime scene where something is traced and removed.  Or of a science fiction movie where something disintegrates but leaves a shadow where it has been.  Okay, once again my active imagination is running wild.