What do YOU See

Okay, this one didn’t take long, it’s not complex, but it was fun to do.  I love the crispness of the black and white.  Hence, I was going to fill the background with color, but decided I wouldn’t.  It works for me the way it is.  I see a number of things including a “g” in some interesting font, a sort of Spy versus Spy profile combination (I’m dating myself!).  I also see the entire shape as some sort of Dr. Seuss sort of animal with large bulbous lips.  Well, I’ve always had an active imagination.  Have a look…


6 thoughts on “What do YOU See

  1. hahahahaha. i like that you’ve used this side of the postcard to work on (i just left you a link to one of my altered book pages – this is an altered postcard! cool). for me i feel heart shapes in this – feel as much as see, altho i see them too – that is my first response. i know i could look at it like clouds and imagine but i like letting the care in what you do show through – and that to me relates to hearts too.

    • Ha! Ha! Yeah, I did a piece on the blank side but I didn’t like it. Sooooo, I flipped over and started again on the back. I liked the postcard details showing through. Thanks for sharing your “views” into my work. It’s so interesting and and helpful to have other insights and ideas. Oh, and BTW, I LOVED your black and white altered page – Tumbling into the Web. I may not have that exactly right, but it was wonderful. The strength of the black and white design and the strong human shapes really grabbed me. It was beautiful, striking and something else that I just can’t put words around. Nicely done!

      • way cool and thank you regarding the Tumbling to the Web drawing (i now know i can place a link to one page – if i dont forget by the next time i try it). i know which one you mean. yeah, i like that one a lot too. it was originally done for one of the mail art communities i’ve been in, it was for a zine. …which may still be in the process of being made. cool on that tho. thank you. i really like being able to see the ways in which people explore art and their own art. it’s fascinating. i find i never get around enough, but when i do – Wow. your work always gives me that kind of reaction. cool on that too. create on, yes – aloha – Wrick

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