Play Time

I have been spending some time lately truly “playing” with my art.  I try to let loose and not worry about results but just enjoy the process and the idea flow.  To make the process easier I started the two pieces below with exisiting pieces that I had started ages ago.  Ones with which I had never felt satisfied.  This allows me to avoid the blank white page when getting started.  They both seem a bit dark which is NOT the way I have been feeling!  Anyway, I thought I would put them out just for fun.

12″h x 9″w – Hands

16″h x 20″w – In the Eye of the Storm

9 thoughts on “Play Time

  1. when i first landed on you blog, i saw these hand as your “self portrait” – which i think would also work as well as the one you labeled as Self Portrait. i like hands in this way. i’ve long been fascinated with the hands on stones and in caves left thousands of years ago by human beings and have seen them or think of them, as self portraits by these people. this work has that same feel. here i am. this is me. i leave my hand in this. ….i like that and often use that concept in my own work – even my shadow hands have an element of this in them. way fun. play on.

    • Funny, I hadn’t thought of my hands as the self portrait, but why not. I actually traced them so I’ve left my mark. I have always been fascinated by hands, doors and eyes. Each of those seems to be able to convey so many meanings or moods. And each has the ability to be rather mysterious. I am also intrigued by the marks left behind by those who came before us. Thanks for the interest.

      • hands, doors and eyes – yeah, entrance ways to the being and the mystery of being. cool on that. exactly.

        and double yeah on the “marks left behind by others” – that is fascinating material to ponder, imo. every bit and piece has a story all around it.

        and that of course is where the “hand” in work comes from for me – the cave and stone work stuff. the marks to ponder, touched by human hands…

        a lot of that cave and stone stuff is clearly drawn, but the hands are often traced. or a form of tracing. as i understand it they often placed their hand on the wall or stone, with ground ochre dust and ash mixtures in the other hand and then blew that dust onto and around their hand. that of course left the shape of their hand outlined – traced – on the wall/stone.

        i like that concept a lot. and, yeah, i often trace my own hand in some way too. it is really interesting to see the shape of peoples hands because they are so very different and distinctive. way cool.

        a “tracing” of my hand in an altered book i work on from time to time…

        i’m not sure if that will work. so it’s on this page:

        third one down in the left column.

        way cool, Kathleen.

      • I hadn’t really thought about how they left their marks so that was very interesting. Maybe more fodder for future work. I’m so glad you included the links to your altered pages. I enjoyed looking a many of the pages. They are beautiful and so diverse. Yet, there is something that makes them all very “you”. Impressive. The one of your hand is great and you always seem to find the right words to complete your work so well. Love it!

        I’m getting to know you piece by piece! Your hand, your self portrait. What’s next, feet?! Ha! Ha! Only kidding!

    • That is an interesting read on this piece and I have to say my thoughts went somewhat in the same direction. I kept wanting to think that the hands were reaching, but really, to me, they looked like they were trying to block something. And, given the background, it is something confusing or disturbing. Not a place I had intentionally gone, but you go where the muse takes you!

  2. bwahahahaha aloha Kathleen – yeah, feet. heck. i’ve already done my feet years ago. i may have a tooth or two around some place… may be i can work images of those into something. . .

    yeah too, the great part about connecting with other artists is that the flow and exchange of ideas and seeing what others do, seems to generate more ideas that invariably spin off in new directions of each of us. i like that a lot. so yeah, go for any of the ideas that come to you from these kinds of exchanges – i see that as a very good thing.

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