Deep Sea

I kept thinking to myself, Deep Sea… Deep Sea…, but I couldn’t come up with the last word.  So I just stopped at Deep Sea.  This piece reminds me of pictures you see of the ocean depths where there is little light.  I see eddies and currents and mysterious life forms that can’t be named.  This piece started from a failed attempt at printing a photo.  If I remember correctly, my daughter printed a photo on the wrong side of the paper.  Consequently the ink didn’t adhere and the inks all ran together.  I was fascinated with the result and I kept it.  I found it this weekend and decided to base my miniature off it.  When I glued it down I got some matte medium on the top and in smoothing it I smeared the ink.  I then used my brush to make some sweeping strokes along the left side which I pressed with paper towel for texture.  I decided that water running through the ink should be interesting so I started applying water and turning the piece this way and that to make designs.  I also took a straw and blew at the water to get some finer lines.I like the lacy texture in the background that is a result of the original ink drying.  Voila, the second of my water series.

6 thoughts on “Deep Sea

  1. cool. yeah, i see water here. altho i get the sense of crystalline ice fractures in the laceyness and the color has a coolness to it that goes along with that frozen cool feeling. i like the water edge lines that dry around pools. i find the texturing of this work very appealing. your work often evokes a strong feel in it for me. i like that too.

    • You’re so right. Why didn’t I see that. I needed your keen insight. Thanks! The colors are cool and the lacy patterns defintely could convey an icy surface. So maybe the currents and organisms I see have actually been frozen in time. I’m so glad it and my other work has moved you because I am always trying to attain that goal in my work. Thanks again.

      • oh, i think the fact that we initially see work like this in slightly different ways is great. it seems to me that good work helps us become reflective of our self, in our self – as well as gaining insight into the creator/artist and world around us. your work allows the viewer to explore in many ways (imo) because it is rich and unified among other things – and so very much “touched by human hand”. yeah. way excellent.

      • Thanks Rick. You’re so right about gaining insights. And it’s interesting to see where our work takes us when we don’t try to dictate, but rather, follow.

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