Magical Map

My miniatures for the next couple of days are dedicated to Creative Every Day.  That’s because the CED theme for this month was water.  I sat at my table yesterday creating these small works using lots of water and realized that I was using the theme.  Something I don’t usually manage to do!  This piece was created using watercolors.  I kept layering and layering the colors and mixing and layering some more.  I would continuously add water so the colors would bleed and blend into one another.  When I had finally covered the entire area and felt satisfied with the end result I left it to dry.  Today I used markers to detail the edges of the shapes that had emerged.  When I was finished it looked rather like a map to me.  A map to a magical realm.  It may seem that it would be hard to follow this map because there are no lines or words.  Ah, that is because you need ancient knowledge that few retain in these modern times.  It can only be read in a peaceful place with sun streaming over ones shoulders.  Then those that are trained in the old ways can listen carefully, with their eyes closed, and learn the path to be taken from the sounds of nature.  In their mind’s eye they will see the completed map and find their way through veiled mists to a wondrous place.   

4 thoughts on “Magical Map

    • Thanks! I had a lot of fun playing and putting it together. I have been trying to play lately and stop thinking so much and worrying about the end result. It’s supposed to be fun, right?!

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