Abstract Self Image

A friend of mine, Leslie, once suggested that I do an abstract self-portrait that reflected the true me through color and shape.  That is what I have done with this piece.  It is done on a watercolor postcard in cray-pas.  I started with the color blue as I love that color and started to draw curvy lines because I love shapes that move and swirl.  I added green as that is also a favorite color.  The those colors and the swirls made me think of the ocean.  I grew up very close to the ocean and hate to be far from it.  I don’t think I could live happily in a state that didn’t have a coast.  I added a yellow center, sort of the sun and brightness and then added bits of red.  I like the color red but it also represents the fiery Irish in me that sometimes surfaces!  Then I started thinking about Autumn.  I love Autumn and so I drew in a bare tree on the right side and began adding fall colors to the bottom to represent leaves that had fallen.  I was swirling the orange and a pumpkin-like shape appeared.  The center looked almost like a rainbow so I added purple.  Who doesn’t like rainbows?  I smoothed the entire piece with a white cray-pas to soften and blend the colors together.  The “sky” portion looked a bit lonely so I added a bit of color.  I thought of all the sunsets I’ve enjoyed over the years.  And there you have it.  A piece of me  – not recognizable – but “me” just the same!

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