Awash in Water

Ah, this piece came about slowly over 3 days.  I started by having some brown paint leftover and I put a thin coat on my base.  Then I had a piece of wax paper with gesso.  There wasn’t much left but I pressed the excess onto the base.  I did this again after another use of gesso.  Finally today I decided to add some blue watercolor.  I’ve had all sorts of ideas about what I see.  I really need my father-in-law to name this for me!  First I saw a winter landscape through a window.  Then, as I looked at it carefully I saw an eye in the middle and faces interspersed throughout.  Finally I felt as though it was water that was being splashed.  Hence, the white and the blue.  In truth, what I like is the lacy, delicate feeling of the piece overall.


4 thoughts on “Awash in Water

  1. I turned the picture upside down and voila!! I saw “Bishop Bear’s Winter Monologue” taking up almost the whole page. He looked rather judgmental for a cleric. Here’s what I saw. His face is in the center of the picture with his nose being the triangular dark spot. Up from the nose and to the right is his left eye, and up and to the left is his right eye. At the top center is his circular white skull cap which he wears under his bishop’s mitre. His right arm and paw is pointing up to a heavenly position and his darker left arm and paw is pointing down and threatening hell. At the bottom of the picture his two legs and narrow hips suggest an athletic male figure. The shades of light gray through blue depict snow through to blue ice.

    • WOW! What wonderful insights! It’s amazing how you can turn a piece of art and discover something totally new. I can see everything and your description is wonderful. The title is terrific too. I know I could count on you. Sorry to be so long in responding. Hope you stop back and find this reply!

  2. This is my favorite of yours that I have seen, Kathleen. The contrast is great! and the shapes are both interesting and creative. I see many things in it. The one that is most strong is being in a birch tree woods; or sycamore. Lovely!

    • Thank you Leslie! I started a large new piece, 30×40, that has that brownish background. I liked this miniature so much that I plan to use it as inspiration for my new piece. I’m not sure how close to the original I’ll get, but I can’t help but try. I’m sure I’ll go somewhere interesting at the very least!

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