Hub Cap Heaven

I think I need to write this post before deciding what to name it.  I was reworking a larger piece today that has never felt finished or “right”.  It already had a somewhat textured surface that I had created using tracing paper.  I decided to cover it with gesso, but first to add some geometrics that would provide an interesting underlayer.  I cut rectangular pieces of newspaper and applied them to the surface.  Once they had dried somewhat I added a thin layer of gesso.  I remembered texturing gesso on one of my miniatures, so I grabbed some wax paper (my favorite tool), crumpled it, and twisted it across the surface leaving a beautiful design.  For today’s miniature, I used the same technique with the gesso.  I applied it and then textured it.  I went one step further and took an old plastic circle, from an empty tape dispenser, and used it to make lots of circles in the still damp gesso.  I had planned to go further and add watercolor, but somehow I liked the monochromatic design on the gesso.  So I decided to leave it as is.  Naming has been the hard part.  I makes me think of bubbles or maybe hub caps!  I can’t decide.  I’ll upload the image and then decide how to name the post.  Okay, got it – Hub Cap Heaven.  If you have better suggestions I’d love to hear them!


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