Portals to the Cosmos

Wow, it’s been ages since I’ve posted.  As summer draws slowly to a close I have been away a great deal.  My family and I have had a lot of fun getting away and enjoying the glorious weather that we have had this summer.  I look out my window today at rain and wind but feel glad for it.  I love a good rainy day as long as they don’t come every day.  And the garden and all living things need the water so badly after this scorcher of a summer.  Todays miniature collage started with an old piece of paper I had been fooling around on.  It had some paint scraps and I had painted over them with pink.  I glued this piece down and colored over it lightly with black crayon.  Then I followed the black with white, orange, yellow and scarlet.  Not yet happy I took some blue water-color and washed over the surface.  From there I started coloring with water-soluble oil pastels.  I formed some rough “portals” and enriched the color surrounding them.  It feels like you could float through one of these portals to another space and time and the background feels like the celestial night sky to me.  I hope you enjoy it.  I enjoyed making it.  Good to be back at my table and creating.

2 thoughts on “Portals to the Cosmos

    • Thanks Linda! How nice to know someone enjoys my pieces. I loved all the trips I took but it feels good to be back home with no new destinations looming on the horizon.

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