Through the Blur of a Summer Rain

I was looking for inspiration today for a large canvas I’m starting.  The largest I’ve ever done.  I pulled out a book and found a picture where I liked the color palette.  I started to rather abstractly color the shapes and palette from the picture in my sketchbook.  I used cray-pas and I had such a good time blending and coloring with them.  I had never used them very much before but I really enjoyed using them today.  Here is the small piece I worked up with them.  As I took the picture of it for this post I felt as though I was looking through a rain-soaked window at the world beyond.  When everything starts to blur, soften and meld together.  The large canvas is started and looks nothing like this miniature.  I’m afraid I just seem to work better when I dive in and let the work flow.  The initial start to my canvas is posted as well.


8 thoughts on “Through the Blur of a Summer Rain

    • Thanks! I think you are right. It seems as though when you try too hard the creative spark eludes you. It hovers at the edges and you can’t look for it but need to try and “tune” into it.

  1. Beautiful work, very creative and true to you. When we are in the flow, we are actively being our authentic self in the moment. The self that derives from inside ourselves, that true essence of who we are.

    • Thank you. The trick seems to be easing into the flow in a world that can be so involving. You need to step back and out of the mainstream to tune into a different rhythmn.

  2. The colors are just amazing, congratulations. I am painting through synesthesia which makes me see colors when I hear names and numbers. These colors I transform in paintings. Colors are my life.

    • I visited your site. Beautiful work and such an interesting concept. It’s funny, I have always associated colors with numbers. For instance, for me the number 8 is brown, 2 is yellow, 3 is orange. When I imagine numbers in my head I see colors associated with them. Thanks for stopping by.

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