Miscommunications and Disconnects

This piece started with an old experiment that my daughter and I did.  We were doing transfers with matte medium.  Painting matte medium onto various papers, laying them down and peeling them up before they could fully adhere.  Jen did one with lots of words on lined paper.  I found it going through a folder today and though it would make an interesting piece.  It made me think of lots of incomplete thoughts or conversations.  Or maybe of communications that were broken up – bad phone lines?  In any case I took a section of it and glued it down.  I took a water-soluble crayon and colored lightly in some areas and applied some water to soften it.  There were blocky shapes from the postcard underneath showing through.  They made me think of doorways and windows – always a source of fascination for me.  To I tried to bring out those qualities, but not too strongly.  I like it’s rather worn and somewhat disjointed look.  It makes me feel that something has occurred and it may have had a better outcome….

One thought on “Miscommunications and Disconnects

  1. I like this idea. Seems to me this could easily be used with collage and print on top. Wonder what it would do to an abstract watercolor. I never heard of this. Thank-you, Kathleen. 🙂

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