Jungle Ruins

Vacations are just amazing!  I have been singing all day long.  I just can’t stop myself.  Thankfully I have been alone so no one but the cats has been made to suffer! 🙂  Today’s miniature collage was born of frustration.  I sat down yesterday to do my piece.  I was at a loss so I decided to use some tape.  That wasn’t working the way I hoped so I felt a bit stymied again.  I grabbed a tube of brown acrylic and swirled it over the surface.  Then I mashed it all around.  Still not satisfied I dabbed a lot of it away.  I then dropped a gob of white acrylic on the surface.  I took my palette knife and swirled, and swirled, and swirled until I liked the way it looked.  I left it to dry until this morning.  I picked it up and thought, “now what?”  I thought perhaps I could find some image hiding in it.  I did, and teased it out.  But it was an angry man hiding in there and I decided he just had to go.  So first I added a bit of yellow watercolor to brighten up his world.  Then I grabbed my water-soluble oil pastels and began to color and add water and color some more.  Within moments I had hidden angry man within a jungle replete with Birds of Paradise, orchids, vines and ruins.  As I colored, bits of the acrylic base got scraped up.  When water got under the surface it began to get this wrinkly surface that to me looked like ancient ruins buried in the foliage and flowers.  What a wonderful accident.  I was amazed at how quickly the entire piece had changed and how much I liked both doing it and the result.  Fun! Fun! Fun!


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