Sunshine Through A Broken Window

Well, I am back from vacation.  Spent a week in P-town and it was great.  Super weather, food and good times with my friends and family.  I did a miniature watercolor yesterday of Race Point from memory.  I know, that’s not what I posted.  That’s because I think it needs some more tweaking.  Of course, that’s not supposed to be the point of these miniatures – they are supposed to be spontaneous.  But it just seemed a bit dull.  It didn’t convey the feeling I felt on the beach.  So here is a totally different watercolor.  I started with a segment from an old piece.  I drew my jagged design onto it and painted it in blue.  I didn’t exactly stay in the lines, but just back from vacation I’m relaxed and that just doesn’t seem important.  Life doesn’t always stay in the lines.  I then painted a wash of yellow over the rest.  I’m so glad I did.  It made the entire piece bright and cheery.  When I was looking at it I could imagine young children playing baseball that just broke a window.  “RUN”!!!!!  But that broken window is letting in acres of bright sunshine and lovely colors from the outdoors.  I like to imagine the person whose window it is taking it all in stride and not getting angry or put out.  Maybe the owner is an artist and takes a picture because the tableau is beautiful.  Maybe the owner is an older neighbor who remembers baseball games he played as a youngster.  My imagination can go on and on. 

2 thoughts on “Sunshine Through A Broken Window

  1. Love this! I especially like what you wrote about life not staying in the lines. You took a broken window and made a masterpiece of it and it takes a special creative spirit to do that, Kathleen. Thanks for your words as much as your painting, today.

    • Thanks for the kind words! Sometimes these pieces speak to me and tell me stories. I think I’m going to write the stories down more often when they come to me.

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