Awash in Water

Ah, this piece came about slowly over 3 days.  I started by having some brown paint leftover and I put a thin coat on my base.  Then I had a piece of wax paper with gesso.  There wasn’t much left but I pressed the excess onto the base.  I did this again after another use of gesso.  Finally today I decided to add some blue watercolor.  I’ve had all sorts of ideas about what I see.  I really need my father-in-law to name this for me!  First I saw a winter landscape through a window.  Then, as I looked at it carefully I saw an eye in the middle and faces interspersed throughout.  Finally I felt as though it was water that was being splashed.  Hence, the white and the blue.  In truth, what I like is the lacy, delicate feeling of the piece overall.


Hub Cap Heaven

I think I need to write this post before deciding what to name it.  I was reworking a larger piece today that has never felt finished or “right”.  It already had a somewhat textured surface that I had created using tracing paper.  I decided to cover it with gesso, but first to add some geometrics that would provide an interesting underlayer.  I cut rectangular pieces of newspaper and applied them to the surface.  Once they had dried somewhat I added a thin layer of gesso.  I remembered texturing gesso on one of my miniatures, so I grabbed some wax paper (my favorite tool), crumpled it, and twisted it across the surface leaving a beautiful design.  For today’s miniature, I used the same technique with the gesso.  I applied it and then textured it.  I went one step further and took an old plastic circle, from an empty tape dispenser, and used it to make lots of circles in the still damp gesso.  I had planned to go further and add watercolor, but somehow I liked the monochromatic design on the gesso.  So I decided to leave it as is.  Naming has been the hard part.  I makes me think of bubbles or maybe hub caps!  I can’t decide.  I’ll upload the image and then decide how to name the post.  Okay, got it – Hub Cap Heaven.  If you have better suggestions I’d love to hear them!


Portals to the Cosmos

Wow, it’s been ages since I’ve posted.  As summer draws slowly to a close I have been away a great deal.  My family and I have had a lot of fun getting away and enjoying the glorious weather that we have had this summer.  I look out my window today at rain and wind but feel glad for it.  I love a good rainy day as long as they don’t come every day.  And the garden and all living things need the water so badly after this scorcher of a summer.  Todays miniature collage started with an old piece of paper I had been fooling around on.  It had some paint scraps and I had painted over them with pink.  I glued this piece down and colored over it lightly with black crayon.  Then I followed the black with white, orange, yellow and scarlet.  Not yet happy I took some blue water-color and washed over the surface.  From there I started coloring with water-soluble oil pastels.  I formed some rough “portals” and enriched the color surrounding them.  It feels like you could float through one of these portals to another space and time and the background feels like the celestial night sky to me.  I hope you enjoy it.  I enjoyed making it.  Good to be back at my table and creating.

Through the Blur of a Summer Rain

I was looking for inspiration today for a large canvas I’m starting.  The largest I’ve ever done.  I pulled out a book and found a picture where I liked the color palette.  I started to rather abstractly color the shapes and palette from the picture in my sketchbook.  I used cray-pas and I had such a good time blending and coloring with them.  I had never used them very much before but I really enjoyed using them today.  Here is the small piece I worked up with them.  As I took the picture of it for this post I felt as though I was looking through a rain-soaked window at the world beyond.  When everything starts to blur, soften and meld together.  The large canvas is started and looks nothing like this miniature.  I’m afraid I just seem to work better when I dive in and let the work flow.  The initial start to my canvas is posted as well.


Miscommunications and Disconnects

This piece started with an old experiment that my daughter and I did.  We were doing transfers with matte medium.  Painting matte medium onto various papers, laying them down and peeling them up before they could fully adhere.  Jen did one with lots of words on lined paper.  I found it going through a folder today and though it would make an interesting piece.  It made me think of lots of incomplete thoughts or conversations.  Or maybe of communications that were broken up – bad phone lines?  In any case I took a section of it and glued it down.  I took a water-soluble crayon and colored lightly in some areas and applied some water to soften it.  There were blocky shapes from the postcard underneath showing through.  They made me think of doorways and windows – always a source of fascination for me.  To I tried to bring out those qualities, but not too strongly.  I like it’s rather worn and somewhat disjointed look.  It makes me feel that something has occurred and it may have had a better outcome….

Jungle Ruins

Vacations are just amazing!  I have been singing all day long.  I just can’t stop myself.  Thankfully I have been alone so no one but the cats has been made to suffer! 🙂  Today’s miniature collage was born of frustration.  I sat down yesterday to do my piece.  I was at a loss so I decided to use some tape.  That wasn’t working the way I hoped so I felt a bit stymied again.  I grabbed a tube of brown acrylic and swirled it over the surface.  Then I mashed it all around.  Still not satisfied I dabbed a lot of it away.  I then dropped a gob of white acrylic on the surface.  I took my palette knife and swirled, and swirled, and swirled until I liked the way it looked.  I left it to dry until this morning.  I picked it up and thought, “now what?”  I thought perhaps I could find some image hiding in it.  I did, and teased it out.  But it was an angry man hiding in there and I decided he just had to go.  So first I added a bit of yellow watercolor to brighten up his world.  Then I grabbed my water-soluble oil pastels and began to color and add water and color some more.  Within moments I had hidden angry man within a jungle replete with Birds of Paradise, orchids, vines and ruins.  As I colored, bits of the acrylic base got scraped up.  When water got under the surface it began to get this wrinkly surface that to me looked like ancient ruins buried in the foliage and flowers.  What a wonderful accident.  I was amazed at how quickly the entire piece had changed and how much I liked both doing it and the result.  Fun! Fun! Fun!


Sunshine Through A Broken Window

Well, I am back from vacation.  Spent a week in P-town and it was great.  Super weather, food and good times with my friends and family.  I did a miniature watercolor yesterday of Race Point from memory.  I know, that’s not what I posted.  That’s because I think it needs some more tweaking.  Of course, that’s not supposed to be the point of these miniatures – they are supposed to be spontaneous.  But it just seemed a bit dull.  It didn’t convey the feeling I felt on the beach.  So here is a totally different watercolor.  I started with a segment from an old piece.  I drew my jagged design onto it and painted it in blue.  I didn’t exactly stay in the lines, but just back from vacation I’m relaxed and that just doesn’t seem important.  Life doesn’t always stay in the lines.  I then painted a wash of yellow over the rest.  I’m so glad I did.  It made the entire piece bright and cheery.  When I was looking at it I could imagine young children playing baseball that just broke a window.  “RUN”!!!!!  But that broken window is letting in acres of bright sunshine and lovely colors from the outdoors.  I like to imagine the person whose window it is taking it all in stride and not getting angry or put out.  Maybe the owner is an artist and takes a picture because the tableau is beautiful.  Maybe the owner is an older neighbor who remembers baseball games he played as a youngster.  My imagination can go on and on.