Flowers Anyone?

It turns out that summer is a hard time to stick to a collage a day, so I am going to do them more as the spirit moves me.  I’ll try not to be too lax.  There haven’t been any for days as I went away for my birthday.  My husband and I visited friends in NH and had a wonderful time.  It was great to get away, even considering the broiling temperatures.  We feel as though we don’t manage to do it enough these days.  Yesterday, while out having ice cream with my daughter, I had an idea.  I thought that I would take photographs and use them as inspiration for my collages.  I can take them literally, abstract the subject matter, or just use them as a jumping off point for whatever ideas they generate.  So I took a picture of some flowers from where we were sitting.  I used that today for my idea.  I remembered that I had started an altered book whose subject was cactus flowers.  I got it out and found that I had already cut out many flowers.  While I had only planned to use a few I found, as I lay them down, that I liked the way they looked massed together.  I have included both the collage and the photograph below.

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