Member Show Opening at Galatea Fine Art

It was a lot of fun at Galatea last night.  A good crowd turned out to see our member art and it was great reconnecting with some of the members I haven’t seen in a while.  I brought along my own cheering section in the form of my in-laws and husband!  Here is a photo of me, with my submission, Children of Lir, that my husband took.

10 thoughts on “Member Show Opening at Galatea Fine Art

  1. thanks for the update, kathleen. i woke up this morning wondering how the opening had gone, believe it or not.
    but i jumped right into working on a collision project – multiple inter-related 5 1/2″ x 7″ pieces that will be hooked together and hung from a string at the top. it’s an anniversary gift to my sweetie. it can be an evolving work where i can add on panels as the spirit moves me. as soon as my big mac is up and running again, i’ll be scanning it onto the liska’s little art blog.
    love the swirls and movement in you picture

    • Thanks! I can’t wait to see the new piece – it sounds interesting. I’ll come check it out. I need to get some more new work going. I’d like to start a few big pieces so I can bounce around and work different pieces depending on my mood and ideas. Enjoy the day! Oh, and Happy Anniversary! Is it close?

  2. lol – the anniversary is tomorrow. our first date was a blind date to an art walk. i started the project day before yesterday – based on a ‘tutorial’ in the may/june issue of somerset studio magazine.(the tute is called how to make art everyday) i will complete as many panels as i can, hook them together and let him know how it can be expanded.
    am thinking about making a HUGE collision – maybe tall as i – could work on it in between the little ones. right now there are half dozen or more smaller collisions ‘in progress’ plus the pocket art watercolors

    • What a great idea to go and go with it to make it huge. That can really add impact sometimes and the tute sounds like something to check out. I hope you have a wonderful anniversary! My hisband and I just celebrated our 25th in May. Seems impossible but at the same time I feel like we’ve always been a part of each other. Love is great when you find the right person! 🙂

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