Midnight Bloom

I just completed this piece of art.  I started this one ages ago.  I started with a base of aluminum foil.  I smooshed paint onto it (yes, smooshed is a technical term!) and added some lacy rice paper.  Then I painted a very bold, black graphic design onto it.  I got it out last weekend and finished it.  I painted over the entire surface with a white glaze and then sprayed it with water.  I added a bit of pale color with water-soluble oil pastels.  Then I rolled more white onto it and did a bit more color.  The final step was to bring back the graphic, but in a much softer manner with a black glaze.  I also used a black, wax crayon to rub over the lighter portions to bring out the texture more.  I am finally happy with the end result!

9 thoughts on “Midnight Bloom

    • Actually, I did too, but more so when I had it upside down. I think the shape is much more beautiful the way I have it oriented now, but I worked on almost exclusively the other way.

  1. Lovely. I found it soothing to look at. The soft colors added depth and dimension and kept it from being too stark. Lovely lines.


  2. very striking!!!
    it’s hard to tell from the photo, but does the shine of the foil show through. i started a collision on foil a while back and am hesitant to cover over the sheen. it’s not as bright as the bare foil now that i painted some color over it. but i still need to do more to complete it – i get the heebie jeebies thinking about covering over ANY of my collisions with white and that seems to be a common background technique.

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