All Taped Up and Nowhere to Go!

I had a friend over today and we spent the morning doing art.  Not serious, change the fate of the world art.  Fun, experimental, have a good time art.  It was a wonderful release and a great way to perform reentry after the long weekend.  I started by creating a couple of postcards.  Yes, I am behind.  That’s what summer does to you.  Robs you of your routines in the most wonderful way!  I had some blue masking tape staring me in the eye and decided to play with it.  I added some scotch tape and a bit of old paint covered wax paper.  The masking tape was so much fun.  I’d put it down, decided I wanted to move it, and peel it up so easily.  I wish all my materials were that cooperative.  For the second postcard I continued on with masking tape borrowing some fun colors from my friend Jessi.  When the scotch tape ran out I went over to packing tape.  I like the grids contrasted with the free form shapes.  After the postcards were done, I pulled out some old 8″x10″ masonite boards that I had been working on a while ago.  I kept not liking the way they were going and kept changing them continually.  So, I changed them some more today and you know, I might actually be close to finishing them.  I guess I let them sit long enough.  I’ve included pics of them as well so you can have, in my friend Ant’s Aussie vernacular, a “sticky beak”.

6 thoughts on “All Taped Up and Nowhere to Go!

    • Thanks again. I was happy with the way I was able to achieve a little depth with some of these. and I LOVE texture!

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