Well, it’s summer and I am headed off to another adventure.  I have a college buddy, in Orleans on Cape Cod, that I am going to see.  So much fun to catch up.  And another friend of ours will be there also.  I’m moving from that adventure into my summer vacation in Provincetown.  My daughter and husband are joining me Saturday and we will be spending almost a week having fun, enjoying the Cape and being free as a bird.  See you when I get back!!!!!

Holy Cow!!

I took some pictures today to give me fodder for my miniature collage.  One of them was a picture of the blanket in my TV room.  I loved the way it was draped over the couch and decided to draw it in ink and then color it which I did.  I used colored pencils and crayon to color it as I had done it on printer paper which is NOT sturdy.  Once I had finished it didn’t look so much like a blanket to me as it did a left facing cow.  Oh well, so much for my rendering skills today.  I was working too quickly I suppose.  But, hey, why not a cow?  So, I grabbed my black acrylic paint and painted away the rest of the picture leaving just my cute little cow head.  On the right side of the picture my daughter saw a clown fish.  Any other suggestions?!  Once again, I have also posted the original picture.


Reaching through the Void

I got the idea for this miniature from my friend Linda Halcomb and she found it on a blog somewhere.  The idea is to lay down washes of color, draw a design, and paint in the negative space.  I cheated by using a piece of an old, large watercolor as my base.  I traced my hand and then painted in the negative space.  It was not nearly as magical as Linda’s but I liked the effect and will have to try a larger rendering starting from scratch.  As it is, I like the transparency of this piece and the feeling that something unknown is just out of reach.


Flowers Anyone?

It turns out that summer is a hard time to stick to a collage a day, so I am going to do them more as the spirit moves me.  I’ll try not to be too lax.  There haven’t been any for days as I went away for my birthday.  My husband and I visited friends in NH and had a wonderful time.  It was great to get away, even considering the broiling temperatures.  We feel as though we don’t manage to do it enough these days.  Yesterday, while out having ice cream with my daughter, I had an idea.  I thought that I would take photographs and use them as inspiration for my collages.  I can take them literally, abstract the subject matter, or just use them as a jumping off point for whatever ideas they generate.  So I took a picture of some flowers from where we were sitting.  I used that today for my idea.  I remembered that I had started an altered book whose subject was cactus flowers.  I got it out and found that I had already cut out many flowers.  While I had only planned to use a few I found, as I lay them down, that I liked the way they looked massed together.  I have included both the collage and the photograph below.

4th Annual Amazing Juried Fine Arts Show

Amazing Things Arts Center

4th Annual Amazing Juried Fine Arts Show

July 15, 2010 – July 28, 2010

Once again, the walls of the Main Gallery at Amazing Things are covered by the works of artist friends from all corners of our community.  Three pieces of my artwork will be on display.  The gallery is open Tuesday through Saturday from 12 noon until 6 p.m.  Meet the artists reception to be held Sunday, July 25 from 1-3 p.m.  I hope you can stop by to check out the show!

160 Hollis Street, Framinham MA 01702

Not Carmen Miranda…

My friends out there doing watercolor inspired me to go play.  I grabbed an old watercolor set of my daughters and some watercolor paper.  I wet the paper and simply began to play with washes of color.  They looked so bright and pretty.  I meant to take a picture of my watercolor before I cut it to pieces.  You see, I wasn’t crazy about the center section.  I saw the image of a face that reminded me of Carmen Miranda and that wasn’t exactly the look I was going for!  So, I cut that section out and retained the sides which I like very much.  I glued them down and then took a small strip from the remaining center portion to tie the two sides together.  Ah, collage.  Just keep the parts you like…

Name this Collage!

Okay, I had trouble coming up with a name for this miniature collage.  So perhaps you can help me out and make some suggestions.  I took some acrylic paint in white, yellow, red, silver and green and swirled it on wax paper with a palette knife.  I used that to “paint” the base.  Then I took a piece of wax paper, crumpled it, colored it with yellow marker, and wiped away the excess to leave the ink in the wrinkles.  I glued that to the top to bring out the yellow and add some dimension.  There is a lot of seemingly wild movement to the piece and a lt of color.  What do you see?

Tropical Isle Thoughts In The Rain

Yes, as the rain and clouds obscure the sun from my view today I am thinking tropical.  I started this piece with a piece of greyish construction paper.  I peeled dried paint/matte medium from my table and glued it down.  I loved the color, texture and shape of it.  As I sat and looked at it I was reminded of a tropical island with a smaller island off the coast.  Of course, I needed some crystal-clear, blue waters.  Okay, so with my background paper they aren’t exactly “crystal clear”, but I did use some watercolor to add my ocean.  Let’s set sail for this beautiful destination!