Sunrise in the Garden

What an evolution this piece went through.  I started with a base and applied the leftover materials from yesterdays collage.  A bit of red and brown paint and some red, cold wax medium.  I applied them with a palette knife and scraped them until I had a rough layer across the surface.  Then I walked away.  When I came back I dribbled some gesso onto the surface and smashed it with wax paper.  I did that a few times to mostly cover the surface.  It left a nice texture.  Again I left and returned once it had dried.  I then grabbed some yellow and red watercolor and began painting those colors over the surface.  When I had finished it made me think of sunrise and of a garden, but it was missing some greenery.  So, I mixed up a bit of green and added it to the mix.  I love the result – bright and pretty (at least I think so!).

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