I Don’t Like Swimming In Ponds

It’s true.  I don’t!  I grew up on the Cape and I like the beach not ponds.  I never liked the muddy bottom and not seeing the bottom when you got in deeper water.  When I put this collage together it brought swimming (or not swimming) in ponds to mind.  I covered my base with brown paint over which I applied a sheet of tracing paper.  I colored with green Cray-pas over the tracing paper to pick up the texture lines.  It gave me the impression of looking through the water to the muddy bottom.  YUCK!  I then added a bit of blue, water-soluble crayon and applied water to produce a nice blue wash.  When it was wet it REALLY looked like pond water.  Anyway, which way to the beach?!


2 thoughts on “I Don’t Like Swimming In Ponds

  1. I won’t swim in lakes or ponds either! I’m a pool or beach girl all the way. The collage does look like a peaceful pond, which are lovely for relaxing by or bird watching or insect finding…. anything but swimming in!

    • I agree. I’m all for a canoe, or sitting by and enjoying them. But give me the beach or a pool any day for swimming! Thanks for stopping by.

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