Swirling Vortex

My husband commandeered my system yesterday so I was unable to post my collage.  Here it is, a day late.  I placed some cool shades of acrylic down on the card.  Before they could fully dry I swirled some yellow and browns over the top and they melded together somewhat.  I feel like I am looking through a swirling mass to something I can’t fully make out.  Like looking through a sandstorm towards an oasis that is being obscured.  from view.  Well, have a great day.  It’s gorgeous here in the Boston area and I’m off to my friends pool to loll about.  Can’t wait!   

12 thoughts on “Swirling Vortex

  1. yeah. your motion continues to draw me in. …like a pool on a gorgeous day (ha. i couldnt resist). …the motion itself feels like waves and churning water on a sandy beach. plunge. i’m in. yeah, swirling vortex, exactly.

    • Thanks Nancy. I liked how they were so soft. Maybe why sand keeps coming to mind. The color and the texture.

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