Reaching Across Worlds

I was on my computer just before I put this piece together.  I decided to scan my Materials folder to see if there was anything I might want to print to use.  I went to my maps folder and found a scan of an old piece (still unfinished) that I had started.  I had found and old (chinese?) map online and printed it.  When I printed it my inks were low and the colors got all messed up.  The funny thing was that I liked the effect.  I was working on a larger piece and decided to create a small 3-d piece to place on top of it.  The small piece incorporated a piece of the map, a hand, and a flower.  Today I printed 2 copies of a scan of that small piece.  I attached the two copies oriented in opposite directions and off-center.  Then I took a cut out of the flower that had been sitting on my desk for ages and attached that over the top.  You can see the diving line between the two sections and just barely make out that the hands are reaching both directions.  The flower crosses everything.  That’s why it brought to mind “Reaching Across Worlds”.  Just something a little different.


4 thoughts on “Reaching Across Worlds

  1. I really liked it. I liked the idea of connecting to other parts of the world. Plus the flower has lots of symbolism. The more I thought about it, the more ideas popped up.

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