Warm Color Gone Wild

I thought I would post a new piece on which I am working.  It started out as this terrible blue color onto which I was going to attached other work.  Okay, I didn’t think the blue was terrible when I started!  The original idea never happened and I started gluing down squares and rectangles of newspaper onto it and writing random thoughts on them.  I may return to that idea eventually.  The problem was the BLUE.  I hated it so I gessoed over the entire piece (except the edges which still need to be fixed!).  I started a new piece based on the smearing technique I have used in some of my miniature collages.  I placed paint on a piece of wax paper and dragged it across the surface, and then pressed the remaining paint in some areas.  I did that a second time.  I left it for a few days but the white gesso was killing me so I chose a nice warm color and painted in the background.  I like it so much better now.  And using a warm color is unique for me.  I’m very much a blue/green sort of person.  I added a bit more “smear” yesterday and will continue to work it.  Sorry for the shine in the picture.  I should have taken a few shots to make sure I got a good one.  I cropped one to just the work and also have the one of it hanging on the wall.  I was surprised at how much I liked it, as is, when I hung it up!  Perhaps it is closer to completion than I might have though!  Check it out and let me know what you think.


4 thoughts on “Warm Color Gone Wild

  1. aloha Kathleen – you often have an over all shape and movement in your work. i think that is what hooks me first. then it is the richness in detail that follows with further exploration – because your process builds this into the work – cool on that. this work is/has all of this – and the warm cool contrast/comparison brings power to the shape and movement as well (imo).

    yeah again. i think most work functions reasonably well where it is created. taking it out of that environment allows us a fresh look and we can then see how the work will stand up to a very tough world once it is out on it’s own. i like seeing my work in places i dont expect it to be for this reason. this one stands up well on the wall here. cool on that. cool on your working process as well. . .

    • Thanks for the kind words Wrick. Yeah, it’s all about process for me. I don’t go in with much of a preconceived plan on exactly what I want to create. Rather, I start with a process and let the work evolve, many times going in didn’t directions I hadn’t planned on. Seems to work most of the time! It’s nice to get an outside view of my art and I appreciate the feedback. I don’t usually hang pieces until they are completed, so as to photograph them, though I do place them on an easel where I pass by them and can live with them a while to get ideas. But hanging it on the wall was a different perspective even though you might not expect that. Something I’ll have to do more of.

  2. If you are familiar with the story of the Children of Lir, this picture reminds me very much of the moment when the children get changed into swans. To me it looks like there is a kind of metamorphosis occurring and it is very magical. Best wishes,


    • Thanks Sharon. I’m not familiar with it – but now you can be sure that I will have to check it out… Wow, I just read the story and can see what you mean. Thanks for sharing that with me. I think that may be the title to this piece.

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