Moonlight Tree Bones

As I was going through materials in my studio and thinking about my train trip I came across an interesting piece.  Some time back I had taken a picture of trees in my yard, at night, with the moon shining through.  I had played with it in Photoshop, applied various filters, and printed it in black and white.  I thought of our trip back from Baltimore, after the sun had set and the moon had risen.  It was a beautiful moon, low on the horizon.  As we traveled along and I gazed out the window, occasional streetlights cast trees in silhouette and caught the light along trunks and branches.  My photo brought to mind these images.  This miniature is a piece of the photo.  It’s like looking at the bare bones of trees and limbs.  Or perhaps as though the trees are being x-rayed.  I find it beautiful, interesting, and reminiscent of my visions from the train.


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