Willows in Microburst

I must be influenced by the microbursts that hit my area over the weekend.  There was a picture of overturned willows near the Charles River in the Globe.  When I looked at this piece I felt I could see the willows in disarray with blowing rain and whipping branches.  You can almost see the down drafts and updrafts.  Can’t you?  I used a piece of wax paper to apply a very thin layer of acrylic paint to this card.  It was a mix of green and yellow.  Once that had dried I had a piece of Saran wrap that had a little bit of purple, water soluble oil pastel on it from another piece I was working.  I pressed that down on the surface and got the slightest bit of texture and color.  Just enough to add some nice interest.  Happy with my endeavors I declare it done.


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