Maiden and Meteor Shower

This collage started with a page from an od decrepit bible I bought at a used book store.  I lightly traced an image of a woman on tracing paper, glued it on and colored it with copic markers.  She’s hard to make out, sitting as she is, in front of a boulder.  The way I put in the night sky reminded me of a streaming meteor shower.  I particularly like the way the words are visible through the image.


4 thoughts on “Maiden and Meteor Shower

  1. Oh, I love love love love this! I love making art from pages of old books. I have started collecting them with a vengeance. The cheaper the better and the more bible-like the pages (or like a dictionary or other reference book) the happier you will find me. BRAVA! Love this!

    • Thanks! I love old books too. I love their yellowed pages and when they have brown edges. There’s this used book store near my sister in NY when I can get them for a song. The one I pulled the page from was 25 cents!

  2. OK, you have inspired me to think about tearing apart a book for my art. But I have to overcome quite a bit of resistance. The rules in my head say: books are precious, to be revered, do not harm in any way! 🙂

    • Oh, I totally understand! I “defaced” my first book doing an altered book for a collage class I took. It was defintely hard. But when you get them for a song and they are decrepit, then it doesn’t feel so bad. GO FOT IT!

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