Making the Jump to Hyperdrive!

Hello.  My collage today started with an old rubbing I had made with crayon.  I did it so long ago I can’t honestly remember what I rubbed to create this.  I liked the lines and took a portion of the rubbing that gave me a nice explosive array.  I painted onto the lines with watercolor.  The white background was a bit much so I colored over the areas not painted in watercolor.  For some reason, I can’t explain, it made me think of Star Wars and the way it looked when they made the jump to Hyperdrive.  That is, when it worked!  Hope you enjoy it and your Sunday.


4 thoughts on “Making the Jump to Hyperdrive!

    • Thanks! I like how it makes me feel like I’m being sucked in or maybe it’s coming at me. Hard to tell which!

  1. You are right.You achieved the effect of hyperdrive to points unknown! Another thing it reminds me of is speeding past a tunnel wall. I like the colors you chose for this.

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