Flow: Caladan Gallery Online Exhibition

Starting tomorrow I will  have my piece, Angst Unleashed, displayed in an online show on the Caladan Gallery site.  This is a wonderful online gallery with lots of great artwork to peruse.  Please come and take a look at the show and my artwork.  The exhibit card and an excerpt from the press release are below along with the links to connect.  Have a great weekend!

 PRESS CONTACT:  Marjorie Kaye Gallery@Caladan

             CALADAN GALLERY presents an on-line exhibition of 20 national and international artists entitled “FLOW”.  Energy, objects, color, light moves from one part of the surface to the other.  In a piece of art, the eye follows these components.  On the surface of a pond, lake or the ocean, all is movement, defining the very essence of the water.  A breeze stirs up debris in the street and deposits it where it may.  Conversations have a beginning, middle and end.  A thought gives rise to another, creating concept.  Of course, flowing is not the only source or result of movement.  The word brings to mind gentle and caressing energy, present in spring day, hardly the result of a tempest or storm.  However one can consider a volcano and the lava flow, so the word is not stuck in a genre of movement.  It also connotes time, forming the infinite presents of existence in the universe.

2 thoughts on “Flow: Caladan Gallery Online Exhibition

  1. aloha Kathleen – may be i’m not understanding this right on how to connect through a link to the show? i suspect i can google it and that’s okay, perhaps you meant to add the link? cool and congratulations on being included in this show. – aloha – Wrick

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