Looking at the World Through Rose Colored Glasses (in the rain maybe?)

Okay, so it’s a rather long title for a miniature collage.  That’s life.  To create my rosy collage I started with a used piece of waxed paper.  A piece that I had used to create some of my other pieces during the last few days.  It had dried paint on it that had mostly been pulled and scraped off during other processes.  But it had enough color to leave an interesting base layer with some texture.  Once that was in place I added a bit of watercolor in a crimson.  It resisted in some places and adhered more in others.  The nice part was that it stayed wonderfully transparent.  I tried putting down a piece of tracing paper but was not happy so I took it off.  I also tried coloring on this piece with regular crayola crayons, but they started to take off the dried paint and that wasn’t working for me.  Instead I changed over to cray-pas oil pastels.  I started coloring lightly over the surface with the white.  As I did I uncovered texture lines that I didn’t even know existed.  I loved the look.  I then colored some areas in pink.  and went back over those with a bit more white.  The result was this wonderful soft layer of color over darker bits and pieces that show through from deeper layers.  It reminds me of looking out through a window that is wet from the rain when everything seems to run and blur together.  A long title followed by a long description!


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