Smear, Press, Smudge, Drag, and Rub

Yes, that’s exactly what I did.  All of the above, though not to each and every one of these.  Yay.  With today’s effort I have caught up.  I played with my color palette again since I had so much fun the last time.  I used different colors and achieved some different effects.  I have named and explained each of these miniature collages below…

Raging Waterfall: For this one I dragged and smeared the paint from my palette across my working surface.  Then I added a bit more color to the palette and dragged and smeared a bit more.  To me it looks like a raging waterfall in stormy, dreary weather.  Of course, that could be due to the stormy, dreary weather we are having!

Flower Garden:  This looks like a flower garden o me with some particularly bright flowers as the focus.  I started out by taking bits of paint, with my palette knife, and drawing and swirling them around until I liked the design.  Then I pressed that design onto my card.  The piece of wax paper I was using already had some dried paint on it that was deposited along with the new, wet paint.  I repeated that process but I wasn’t getting paint to the corners.  So I used my palette knife to apply some paint directly to the card and then pressed it with the wax paper and some tracing paper.

 Cosmos: This one reminds my of the stars in the night sky.   In fact, I can see a somewhat circular shape in the upper middle that brings to mind the Milky Way.  I continued to press the piece of wax paper I used for the previous card onto this card.  As it was dying it was harder to get the paint cover well.  I remedied that two ways.  I added a bit more paint in a thin layer to start.  Then when I pressed the paper down I used my nails to rub and sort of scratch at the reverse side of the wax paper to get as much to adhere as possible.  That’s how I got the blue in the lower left, the yellow and the colors in the upper right.

Abstract Model:  Okay, after looking at this for some time I saw the head and neck of a model.  I know, I know, you aren’t likely to see it.  But, what can I say, that’s what I see.  I was going to try to describe how I see it, but it’s too hard.  Again I added more paint to a piece of wax paper and dragged as well as rubbed and pressed it onto the surface of my card.  I did a bit of “scraping” on the reverse side which formed some interesting lines.  I’d love to hear what other people see!

2 thoughts on “Smear, Press, Smudge, Drag, and Rub

  1. Raging waterfall is gorgeous. I think I could stare at that over and over again and always see something new. I’ll bet this piece changes with different sources of light at different times of day, too!

    • Thanks! I tried this technique on canvas and didn’t get it to work, but I’m going to keep trying.

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