Sunrise in the Garden

What an evolution this piece went through.  I started with a base and applied the leftover materials from yesterdays collage.  A bit of red and brown paint and some red, cold wax medium.  I applied them with a palette knife and scraped them until I had a rough layer across the surface.  Then I walked away.  When I came back I dribbled some gesso onto the surface and smashed it with wax paper.  I did that a few times to mostly cover the surface.  It left a nice texture.  Again I left and returned once it had dried.  I then grabbed some yellow and red watercolor and began painting those colors over the surface.  When I had finished it made me think of sunrise and of a garden, but it was missing some greenery.  So, I mixed up a bit of green and added it to the mix.  I love the result – bright and pretty (at least I think so!).

New Exhibitions

Hello everyone.  I have been very busy yesterday and today dropping off artwork for some upcoming exhibitions.  There will be a Members Show at Galatea Gallery (460B Harrison Ave, Boston) with an opening reception on Friday, July 2, from 6-8 pm.  My latest piece, the Children of Lir, will be on display there.  Due to the July 4th holiday, there will be an additional opening on Friday, July 9 from 6-8 pm.  Come by and I’ll explain the story behind the title of my piece!

I am also in two exhibitions of the Cambridge Art Association.  There is a New Members exhibition at the Katherine Schultz Gallery on Lowell Avenue in Cambridge.  The opening reception is Saturday, July 10, from 12-2 pm and I am showing my work, Illusion.  Additionally there is an Art Fair at University Place in Cambridge with all works $200 and under.  I have three of my postcards in the Fair.  It is an opportunity to buy some beautiful art at an affordable price. 

Illusion, 2007

Painted Desert

Why painted desert?  Why not?!  This started with a piece of wax paper that had layers of paint which I glued to my base.  I then colored on it with Cray-pas in brown and yellow.  From there I grabbed my cold wax medium and mixed it with red and brown paint until I had a shade that I liked.  I applied that to the surface with a palette knife.  The combination of browns, golds, and reds made me think – painted desert. Especially since there were some other very subtle blues and greens peeking through.  Well, that’s it for today.  Tune in tomorrow for, ” As the Collage Turns”. Good night!

Blooms in Blue and Metropolitan Puzzle

Okay, so I am behind the power curve,  Weekends are proving difficult for me.  So here are this weekends submissions.  The first is Metropolitan Puzzle.  I started by adding white paint to a postcard with a palette knife.  Then I brushed most of the surface save a little.  I textured that portion with a palette knife.  Then I literally took yucky brush water and ran it all over the surface. It formed a puzzle that reminded me of a metropolitan road or subway map.  The second is Blossoms in Blue.  I took some white from the first one and painted in the corner.  Then I added some blue and brushed it in a feathery pattern.  Finally, I added some yellow (the blossoms) and feathered those as well.  Voila!

Wood Spirits Trapped in Time

I have always been fascinated by objects that are old and worn.  I went through a phase of photographing aged things which often included peeling paint.  The base of this piece is a photograph I took during that period.  To it I have added the faces.  These are wooden cherub sculptures that actually have wings.  They are my sister’s and I photographed them at her farm.  When I removed the wings they reminded me of spirits and seemed to mesh well with the old wooden background.  They didn’t look happy so I had the feeling that they were trapped – trapped in time.  A big thunder boomer is starting and I have to go watch.  I LOVE thunderstorms!

Abstract Virus

So while I was working on this piece my husband was trying to solve a problem with our computer while online with Dell.  During the conversation they were discussing computer viruses.  And I started thinking that my piece looked like an abstract of a healthy computer overtaken by a virus.  I started with a postcard that had bright colors (blue, yellow, white).  I painted over parts of it with red acrylic.  I took a piece of wax paper , crumpled it, and glued it down lightly to retain the texture.  Then I wiped over it with india ink.  The black web work looked like a virus.  I completed it by adding some pieces of matte medium that I peeled off of my work surface,  That made me think of the parts of the system becoming corrupted and unusable.  What an imagination!!!!


Man in Top Hat

Okay, so I was going to call this the coffee jitters.  The pattern looked very jittery to me – like after you’ve had too much caffeine.  But, the funny thing is, I saw a man with a beard and a top hat in the pattern.  I won’t even try to explain how I see it.  I’m sure I’ll probably be the only one.  But, what can I say.  I took black construction paper and glued it to my base.  From there I put a thin layer of gold acrylic on a piece of wax paper.  I pressed a piece of tulle into the gold paint and pressed it onto the construction paper.  Repeat, repeat, repeat.  I would have gone further, but when that guy showed up I didn’t want to tell him he had to go.  So, there you have it.  Man in Top Hat.  Can YOU see him?!


I Don’t Like Swimming In Ponds

It’s true.  I don’t!  I grew up on the Cape and I like the beach not ponds.  I never liked the muddy bottom and not seeing the bottom when you got in deeper water.  When I put this collage together it brought swimming (or not swimming) in ponds to mind.  I covered my base with brown paint over which I applied a sheet of tracing paper.  I colored with green Cray-pas over the tracing paper to pick up the texture lines.  It gave me the impression of looking through the water to the muddy bottom.  YUCK!  I then added a bit of blue, water-soluble crayon and applied water to produce a nice blue wash.  When it was wet it REALLY looked like pond water.  Anyway, which way to the beach?!


Looking Between The Lines

For this collage I started with a part of a page from an old art book.  I liked the horizontal white lines running across the surface.  I decided to add some black and white lettering, but not so you could read words.  Hence  I cut very thin vertical slices of lettering to contrast with the horizontal lines.  I put color yellow behind one piece to bring a bit of color to the mix.  Finally I cut the pairs of eyes and added them to the letter stacks.  To finish I took some extremely watery gesso and brushed it over the surface to soften it a bit.  Have a great day!